Internationale Luitdagen 2013 - 31 augustus t/m 1 september 2013

During the International Days of the Lute, The Utrecht Early Music Festival has also lute concerts on its program (marked Utrecht Early Music Festival). More information:
The Utrecht Early Music Festival will have its usual market, on which several lute societies, lute makers and publishers of lute music will present their activities and products: Friday 12.00 AM - 6.00 PM, Saturday 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM and Sunday 10.00 AM - 5.00 PM.

Dear guests from abroad: you can order tickets on this page. Should you want more detailed information about ordering tickets, please check the TICKETS page of the website.


11:00 AM  Singelkerk
Opening International Days of the Lute

Price: free

11:15 AM  Singelkerk
Reading on Gregorius Huwet by Sigrid Wirth

Dutch Connection: Gregorius Huwet of Antwerpe, Court Lutenist in Wolfenbüttel
The connection between The Netherlands and Wolfenbüttel and the career opportunities for lute players and others musicians in Germany in the late 16th and early 17th century
Price: free

12:00 AM  Singelkerk
Pacoloni ensemble

Franco Fois, Roberto Gallina, Roberto Cascio, Fabio Mori (lutes)
Giovanni Tufano (percussion)
Il rifugio musicale del Reverendo Adriaan Joriszoon Smout
Music for 1 to 4 lutes from the Thysius Lute Book
Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

01:30 PM  Singelkerk
The string discussion

Objectivity versus subjectivity
President: Greet Schamp. Language: English.
A panel with Harry van der Graaf (physicist), Mimmo Peruffo and Charles Besnainou (string experts), Carel Huiskamp and Michael Lowe (lute makers) and Crawford Young and Anthony Bailes (lutenists), will address questions concerning sound, material, tactile sensation and experience.
Price: free

04:30 PM   Lutherse Kerk
Eveline Juten (voice, cittern, lute) and Arwen Bouw (baroque violin)

The Delights of the Bottle
British broadside ballads and Dutch 17th century drinking songs
Price: € 13,00 (15,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

Reception for the members of the lute societies and invitees

08:15 PM  Geertekerk
European Lute Orchestra, director Gian Luca Lastraioli

Players from all over Europe with all kinds of lutes and related instruments (like theorbo, colascione, vihuela and baroque guitar) take part in the orchestra, playing more than 500 strings. The sound of such a large lute ensemble has never been heard since the seventeenth century.
Price: € 10,00 (15,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

11:59 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg Hertz (Utrecht Early Music Festival)
Ryosuke Sakamoto

Late Night with Lute
Renaissance intabulations and own arrangements


09:30 AM - 03:45 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg
A co-production with the Utrecht Early Music Festival
Opening words by Xavier Vandamme, director Organisatie Oude Muziek
President: Jan Burgers. Language: English.
Session 1: Play and repertoire
09:30 - 10:10 AM  Willem Mook: Intabulations of works by Josquin and their significance within the lute repertoire
10:10 - 10:50 AM  Marc Lewon: Lute and Lute techniques in Burgundy (esp. 15th-16th century)
Session 2: Players in history
11:10 -11:50 AM  Victor Coelho: Lutanists and Burgundian Culture
11:50 - 12:30 AM  John Griffiths: The importance of Burgundian music for Spain and the vihuela
Session 3: The instrument
02:20 - 02:50 PM  Crawford Young: Knowledge on the use of instruments based on iconographical research
03:00 - 03:40 PM  Michael Lowe: Speculations on lute construction in the Burgundian period
Price: € 10,00 (10,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

01:00 PM  Lutherse Kerk (Utrecht Early Music Festival)
Fred Jacobs

Lute music based around a Burgundian rebel: Bussy-Rabutin

03:00 PM  Pieterskerk (Utrecht Early Music Festival)
Ensemble Leones with Marc Lewon

Straight from the heart: the Chansonnier Cordiforme

04:15 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Peter Croton (renaissance lute) and Nehad El-Sayed (Arab 'oud')

The two instruments will sound separately, but will also play together: an encounter of relatives from different cultures but with a common past. The artists will perform music of the Burgundian period, but will also play contemporary music and improvisations.
Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

05:30 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Mike Fentross (lute) and André Nieuwlaat (presentation)
Recently discovered works by Dowland

Mike Fentross and Andre Nieuwlaat present convincing evidence that more works by John Dowland, one of the greatest lutanists of all time, are hidden in allready known manuscripts than was assumed until now. By applying research methods from the fields of philology and archivistics on known lute sources, archivist André Nieuwlaat succeeded in clarifying the nature and origin of a large number of sources about which little or nothing was known with certainty until now. Mike Fentross fortifies the arguments with sounding evidence (just released on CD). Fentross: "Dowland's musical signature is unmistakable".
Price: € 13,00 (15,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

08:15 PM  Gertrudiskapel
Modena Consort: Ulrike Hofbauer (soprano), René Genis en David Mackor (lutes), and Sarah van Cornewal, Claudio Santambrogio, Hiroko Suzuki and Boaz Berney (renaissance traverso’s)

Burgundian Consort(s)
The program is based on two types of consort: the traverso’s and the lute duet. Much of the 15th century music is concentrated around vocal music or stems from it. Both in these consorts as in mixed combinations the Modena Consort shows the different forms in which songs appear in the Burgundian repertoire.
Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

09:15 PM  Gertrudiskapel
Crawford Young (lute and cetra)

Il mio liuto, la mia cetra: Burgundian and Franciscan intabulations
from Italian songbooks of the early Renaissance

Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

11:59 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg Hertz (Utrecht Early Music Festival)
Christoph Sommer

A Nocturne with strings
16th Century music by, amongst others, Josquin des Prez


Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten(UCK)
Master class Fred Jacobs (lute and theorbo)
Schedule in consultation with Cora Cannemeijer (
30 minutes class: € 50,00

09:30 AM  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK)
Dialogue and discussion between the lute societies

(accessible for members of the lute societies)
Due to personal circumstances the introduction will not be given by Oliver Holzenburg
Price: free

11:15 AM  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK)
Improvisation workshop given by Pascale Boquet

Pascale Boquet is a specialist on 16th century lute music and author of several publications on the subject.
In 2013 this has been a very much appreciated item, a good reason to offer it once again.
You may apply by an e-mail or phone call to Ciska Mertens (; 0031 645 675085), or simply by showing up at the venue. Tuning: A = 440.
Price: free

01:00 PM  Lutherse Kerk (Utrecht Early Music Festival)
Marc Lewon, Paul Kiefer (medieval lute) and Grace Newcombe (soprano)

Two lutes with Grace
Burgundian popular dances, chansons and cantus firmi

03:30 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Pascale Boquet (lute) with the participation of Céline Ferru (guiterne)

Du mignard Luth
French and Italian renaissance fantasies, chansons and dances
(Le Roy, Morlaye, Phalèse, Dalza, Capirola, Da Milano, Casteliono, ...)
Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket

04:30 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Ensemble Sirinu - Matthew Spring (lute), Sara Stowe (soprano) and Jon Banks (harp)

Dances and songs mentioned in the Cely papers
The Cely Papers from the period 1475-1488 present a magnificent picture of the lifes of a very well-to-do English family of wool traders, who traded in Engeland, and via Calais in the whole of Europe. In their correspondence payments are found for music and dance lessons in Calais.
Price: € 16,00 (18,00 during festival)  Buy ticket