Internationale Luitdagen 2013 - 31 augustus t/m 1 september 2013

International Days of the Lute
31 August - 2 September 2018
Utrecht, The Netherlands

In 2018 the successful International Days of the Lute 2013 will get a well-deserved sequel. Again, it will be a wide-ranging event, in which the audience – of every age – is invited to meet with the lute and its place in cultural history.

Not just for lutenists but for all people with an interest in early music, the Dutch Lute Foundation, in coordination with the Utrecht Early Music Festival present the Second International Days of the Lute 2018. Also involved are the lute societies of other European countries.

The successful cooperation of the first installment with this formula during the Early Music Festival of 2013 inspired us to continue this tradition on the 31st of August through the 2nd of September. There will be events such as concerts featuring the lute – solo and in ensemble –, lectures, public lessons and instructions as well as the very various presentations of the six cooperating Lute societies from abroad. On top of all this there will be a performance of the European Lute Orchestra featuring some 40 lute players from all over the world. Last but by all means not least is the forum of players, lute makers and string makers who will for the first time ever have a public discussion on all aspects of strings: historical, physical (!), sensory etc. etc.

Symposium The Lute & Burgundian Life
To this day in the Dutch language “Burgundian” is proverbial for an exuberant life style and also refers to a particular period in history. Expanding upon this theme of the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018, the Dutch Lute Society are putting together a programme of six renowned speakers on the lute and it’s various aspects in this very period, roughly 1460 – 1530. This symposium will appeal to lutenists but also very much to anybody with a general interest in early music. Victor Coelho (Boston, USA) will be sharing his thoughts on the culture and on the actual players of those days; Marc Lewon (Basel) will shed light on the repertory and playing techniques; the contributions of John Griffith and Willem Mook are on specific arrangements of Burgundian music for the vihuela; Michael Lowe will enlighten us about lute construction and Crawford Young will fill in some gaps in our knowledge on the basis of iconography. The presentations will take place in Utrecht, Tivoli/Vredenburg on the 1st of September 2018.