Internationale Luitdagen 2013 - 31 augustus t/m 1 september 2013
Other activities

The Utrecht Early Music Festival will have its usual market, on which several lute societies, lute makers and publishers of lute music will present their activities and products.

Just now we are making engagements for workshops and master classes.


11.00 AM  Singelkerk
Opening International Days of the Lute

11.15-11.45 AM  Singelkerk
Reading on Gregorius Huwet by Sigrid Wirth

Sigrid Wirth received a PhD in musicology on her dissertation about lute players at the Court of Wolfenbüttel, where Huwet had a position and where also John Dowland stayed for several months.

12.00-12.50 AM  Singelkerk
Pacoloni ensemble with lute quartets from the Thysius Lute Book

Franco Fois, Roberto Gallina, Roberto Cascio, Fabio Mori (lutes) en Giovanni Tufano (percussion)

1.30 PM  Singelkerk
Discussion about lute strings

With, amongst other specialists, Mimmo Peruffo (Aquila Nylgut and gut strings) and George Stoppani (Real Gut Strings)
(subject to change)

5.00 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Eveline Juten with a Burgundian program
Reception for the members of the lute societies


9.30 AM - 3.45 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg (with a break for the lunch concert)
Symposium The Lute & Burgundian Life

Players in history
Victor Coelho: Lutanists and Burgundian Culture
John Griffith: The importance of Burgundian music for Spain and the vihuela

The instrument
Crawford Young: Knowledge on the use of instruments based on iconographical research
Michael Lowe: Speculations on lute construction in the Burgundian period

Play and repertoire
Willem Mook: Intabulations of works by Josquin and their significance within the lute repertoire
Mark Lewon: Lute and Lute techniques in Burgundy (esp. 15th-16th century)

5.30-6.15 PM  Lutherse Kerk
A special reading and concert

(content will be announced shortly)


9.30-10.00 AM  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK)
Introduction by Oliver Holzenburg (German Lute Society)

Challenges for the lute societies and plans for the future

10.00-11.00 AM  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK)
Dialogue and discussion between the lute societies

(freely accessible for everyone)

11.15-12.45 AM  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK)
Improvisation workshop given by Pascale Boquet

In 2013 this has been a very much appreciated item, a good reason to offer it once again.