Internationale Luitdagen 2013 - 31 augustus t/m 1 september 2013
Concert Program

During the International Days of the Lute, The Utrecht Early Music Festival has also lute concerts on its program (marked FOM). More information:


12.00-12.50 AM  Singelkerk
Pacoloni ensemble with lute quartets from the Thysius Lute Book

Franco Fois, Roberto Gallina, Roberto Cascio, Fabio Mori (lutes)
Giovanni Tufano (percussion)

5.00 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Eveline Juten with a Burgundian program

8.15 PM  Geertekerk
European Lute Orchestra, director Gian Luca Lastraoli

Players from all over Europe with all kinds of lutes and related instruments (like theorbo, colascione, vihuela and baroque guitar) take part in the orchestra, playing more than 500 strings. The sound of such a large lute ensemble has never been heard since the seventeenth century.

11.59 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg Hertz (FOM)
Ryosuke Sakamoto with Late night with the lute

With Burgundian songs by Binchois, Busnois, Tinctoris and others as a starting point Sakamoto interweaves his own arrangements with renaissance intabulations.


1.00-2.00 PM  Lutherse Kerk (FOM)
Fred Jacobs with A Burgundian Rebel

Lute music based around a Burgundian rebel: Bussy-Rabutin

3.00-4.00 PM  Pieterskerk (FOM)
Ensemble Leones / Marc Lewon
Straight from the heart: the Chansonnier Cordiforme

4.15 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Peter Croton (renaissance lute) and Nehad El-Sayed (Arab 'oud')

The two instruments will sound separately, but will also play together: an encounter of relatives from different cultures but with a common past. The artists will perform music of the Burgundian period, but will also play contemporary music and improvisations.

8.15-9.00 PM  Gertrudiskapel
Modena Consort: Ulrike Hofbauer (soprano), René Genis en David Mackor (lutes), and Sarah van Cornewal, Claudio Santambrogio, Hiroko Suzuki and Boaz Berney (renaissance traverso’s)

The program is based on two types of consort: the traverso’s and the lute duet. Much of the 15th century music is concentrated around vocal music or stems from it. Both in these consorts as in mixed combinations the Modena Consort shows the different forms in which songs appear in the Burgundian repertoire.

9.15-10.00 PM  Gertrudiskapel
Crawford Young (medieval lute)
Fifteenth century music by this pioneer of medieval lute music

Program will be announced shortly

11.59 PM  Tivoli/Vredenburg Hertz (FOM)
Christoph Sommer with a tribute to Spinacino, De Narvaez, Da Milano and Neusidler senior and junior


1.00-2.00 PM  Lutherse Kerk (FOM)
Marc Lewon, Paul Kiefer and Grace Newcombe: lute duets the Burgundian way

3.30-4.15 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Pascale Boquet: renaissance lute and -guitar with Du mignard Luth

French and Italian renaissance fantasies, chansons and dances
(Le Roy, Morlaye, Phalèse, Dalza, Capirola, Da Milano, Casteliono, Borrono, ...)

4.30-5.15 PM  Lutherse Kerk
Matthew Spring (lute) and Sara Stowe (soprano)
Dances and songs mentioned in the Cely papers

The Cely Papers from the period 1475-1488 present a magnificent picture of the lifes of a very well-to-do English family of wool traders, who traded in Engeland, and via Calais in the whole of Europe. In their correspondence a payment is found for music and dance lessons in Calais.